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Beauty of Natural Oils – My favourites

Hi Guys,

Now that winter has finally arrived we need to rethink our skincare. Its not just about our faces but our hands take a battering in these conditions.

I find Argan Oil is brilliant for keeping my face super-moisturised without being greasy. It is absorbed quickly into the skin and my make-up is easily applied within minutes. And gives me a dewy look.
I always go for 100% natural or organic Argan oil, as you know you will get the full benefits this way.

This weather wrecks my hands and the product which suits me is coconut oil. I apply this first thing in the morning AND before I go to bed. Again I buy organic coconut oil, and the best place you can get a choice is usually Amazon. Will be uploading pictures of the exact ones I use very soon.

If you also looking to keep something in your hand, as you may have a busy life like me and constantly washing your hand and your hands go through tough work then the perfect moisturiser to keep is The Body Shop – HEPM HAND PROTECTOR.

One final item, keep those lips in kissing condition, they can dry and crack too, I absolutely love Dr.lipp balm, its amazing, slightly expensive but worth every penny. Gives instant smooth lips and 100% natural


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Happy New Year :)

2014 has been a great year, the ups and downs, the people that made it happen, the challenges and the opportunities. So to celebrate a made a quick video using flipagram. To check my 2014 highlights please subscribe to my youtube channel below:

https://www.youtube.com/farhanahennamua       (Farhana Ali)

Hope this year is fabulous for you all.

Farhana Ali

International Makeup and Henna Artist



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WINNER of Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Wales 2014

Abit late updating this exciting news on my blog. But better late than never :)

I have been so happy and still happy :) to be awarded in November 2014 at the National Wedding Awards for :

1) Best Regional Makeup Artist in South wales


2) Best Wedding Makeup Artist in WALES 2014….. wohoooooo


I am so overwhelmed for receiving such recognition. I cannot express how passionate I am about what I do,  even though its very tough, the travelling, early mornings, managing business, the studio and freelance work, not forgetting being a mum and wife, I still try to give 100% to every bride of mine. So to receive these amazing awards is such an honour! (alhamdulillah)

Just like to say thank you again to everyone who has made my journey possible

Much love

Farhana Ali

International Makeup & Henna Artist

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I have been so excited to share with you few of my secrets :), the beauty product which I love. We all love abit of makeup everyday right? wether its going work or going out for a cuppa with friends, we like to apply some eye makeup, well I do anyway.

We also like to take it off when we come home, and let the skin breath. Lately I’ve been finding make removers to be quite sensitive on my skin, so instead I’ve been using Argan oil or olive oil to remove my eye makeup. I feel no sensitivity around my eyes anymore, nor do I feel like my eyes look tired, the oil leaves my eyes feeling smooth and refreshed, amazing eye cream. I know what you must be thinking, oh no, how greasy, but I swear by it, as I’m not only removing my eye makeup but also conditioning my skin :). If too oily you can always,  pat the oil off.

Argan oil is one of the most used beauty oil for the face in the middle east countries, the consistency and feel of the oil is so smooth and conditioning, its proven to keep your skin looking healthy and young, and help reduce lines and pigmentation. However, as pure argan oil can be expensive, or hard to get hold of you can use olive oil instead.

Why spend so much money on eye makeup removers or makeup wipes when you can use what most of us already have at home, or can be so easily for so much less.

Let me know if you  try this and what you feel about my little secret :)


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Fabulous prom bookings done this year, at our new makeover studio! with over 30 girls makeovers done, i feel overwhelmed to be part of they big day.  Choice of looks this year has been glamourous /class makeup and vintage hair. Check out my instagram @farhana_co_uk to see some before and afters x

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Here comes the Bride !!!! :)

Taking bookings for 2015 and 2016, but never to late to book for this year, just email info@farhana.co.uk or call 07904 290791 to find out availability

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NEWS: British Bangladesh AWARDS

Just sharing some exciting news (Mashaallah), received ‘Special Acknowledgment’ Award in London this week, at the Channel S awards. Alhamdulillah! Feel so honoured and privileged to be part of such an amazing event and to be recognized for my hard work.
Farhana :)
Follow me on twitter to keep up with instant updates and events and bookings @farhana_co_uk

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Shoots and more Shoots

Busy weekend ahead, shooting with International Bridal Company Benjamin Roberts this weekend, going to be amazing, pictures will be uploaded soon on the site…

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Latest News:

Watch this space guys, will be on TV on Monday, looking foward to the big event

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, welcome to my blog. I’ll be updating it with any events I’m involved in, any news or just keeping you up to date with things so make sure you check back.

If you have any comments, queries or feedback on my new blog, any of www.farhana.co.uk or anything else feel free to comment or get in touch at info@farhana.co.uk

Hope you enjoy.

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