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Beauty of Natural Oils – My favourites

Hi Guys,

Now that winter has finally arrived we need to rethink our skincare. Its not just about our faces but our hands take a battering in these conditions.

I find Argan Oil is brilliant for keeping my face super-moisturised without being greasy. It is absorbed quickly into the skin and my make-up is easily applied within minutes. And gives me a dewy look.
I always go for 100% natural or organic Argan oil, as you know you will get the full benefits this way.

This weather wrecks my hands and the product which suits me is coconut oil. I apply this first thing in the morning AND before I go to bed. Again I buy organic coconut oil, and the best place you can get a choice is usually Amazon. Will be uploading pictures of the exact ones I use very soon.

If you also looking to keep something in your hand, as you may have a busy life like me and constantly washing your hand and your hands go through tough work then the perfect moisturiser to keep is The Body Shop – HEPM HAND PROTECTOR.

One final item, keep those lips in kissing condition, they can dry and crack too, I absolutely love Dr.lipp balm, its amazing, slightly expensive but worth every penny. Gives instant smooth lips and 100% natural


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